About Us

Founded in 2005 in Milan, the capital of true made-in-Italy Italian design, Vexo has been developed under the specific intent to produce Hi-End audio equipment which would remanin unparalleled for manufacturing, design and sound performance.

Great passion, constant research and exclusive innovation matched with an obsessive attention to details push Vexo designers to figure out and offer more and more extreme and performing music machines.


In contrast to the usual single-ended configuration of the most beloved  direct heated triode, Vexo introduces the first and unique 300B power amplifier with double chassis, no monoblock, featuring a fully balanced  tube power amplifier and  an oversized  separate power supply. This configuration can deliver 50 Watts per channel  under   4 and 8 Ohms loads  (Power Amplifier S40).


The massive top-level power amp  is joined by  the exclusive pre-amplifier LP-PS, that  follows the same philosophy: it  boasts on a double chassis, too, with a fully balanced tube line unit and a dedicated  power supply. It also stands out for a sophisticated volume control that is based on relays and resistors with very high precision and stability and ultra finely operates via  80 steps, even by remote control.



Shortly following the top power amp’s introduction,the S series was completed with two proposals that allow to choose between 300B and 2A3 tubes, always retaining the double chassis configuration, as well as the balanced circuitry,  but with less power output and measurements (Power amplifiers S20 and S30).


An exclusive line of audio equipment with unique and special features, as the result of the most advanced and maniacal research in sound reproduction by the Vexo team. Top-level amplifiers and preamplifiers, boasting on fully balanced tube circuitry (with no discrete components or integrated circuits) and a double chassis.

The best of modern tube technology supported by an absolutely out of the ordinary, over-sized and separated power supply, in order to reach the best result in terms of performance while expressing the  highest signal-to-noise ratio.  These pieces of equipment express an extreme, no-compromise vocation and are entirely handmade by an highly skilled team: as a result, their level of smoothness, transparency and detail is truly amazing and their overall quality break a record.  An effective matching of strength and gentleness is apparent in the use of the most beloved directly heated triodes of all time, the legendary 300B and 2A3.  A perfect combination of sheer musicality and pleasure. “Real Sound Machines” for a new unequalled hi-end level, at last!